Talk to most hearing health professionals and you'll hear how important good hearing is to your overall health, quality of life. What you are less likely to hear is how untreated hearing loss can permanently affect your brain's ability to interpret words, even after hearing is restored to normal levels with hearing Aids.

What most people don't know and what many hearing health professionals rarely point out is that hearing is divided into two major functions. The first is the ear's ability to detect sounds and the second is the brain's ability to turn the sound signals from the ears into meaningful words. That's why people who have a hearing loss often say even wearing a hearing aid; "I can hear but I can't understand what people are saying."

If the portion of the brain responsible for processing sounds into understandable words does not receive stimulation, over time it can lose its ability to do so. Amazingly, even if sound signals to the brain are restored through the use of hearing aids, the brain may still not be able to process sound signals into words. As a result, people who have delayed getting hearing correction may continue to suffer the effects of prolonged untreated hearing loss. Their ability to communicate largely relies on other clues, such as lip reading. Without these outside clues, words don't make sense to them.

Statistics show most people don't do anything about their hearing until they have to. By then, they usually have had a hearing loss for 10 to 25 or more years and have lost some to all of their ability to processes sound into words.

One of the most meaningful tests for hearing is a phonetically balanced word test given at a comfortable listening level and then is asked to repeat these words given to them without visual cues. The results are easy to duplicate and will quite accurately provide what percentage of speech understanding a person has.

How do you prevent this from happening to you?

It's easy...When you first realize that you are missing words get help. Please don't wait until you are desperate or given an ultimatum by a loved one before getting help.

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